Beauty School Crooks!

Marinello Schools of Beauty Closes

You thought this school would get  you the profession you were seeking? Not anymore! Nope!

Marenollo  (a beauty school giant), was caught in a scandal.Marinello was “knowingly requesting federal aid for students based on invalid high school diplomas,”

Did you know in order to be a cosmetologist you only need to have a 10th grade education? Were they faking diploma’s? Why would they do that if students didn’t need a diploma in order to be funded?

underawarding Title IV aid to students,

Horrible! How did they think they would get away with it?

charging students for excessive overtime, and engaging in other acts of misrepresentation,” 

How can they charge a student if they were being funded?

How many other schools are like this out there?

These students may have saved themselves thousands of dollars if they would have read the book first before entering school.

So you think website pic.jpg

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