Beauty News Latest Fashion Hairstyle Trends for Women 2017

Are you ready for this?

10 most popular hairstyles of the year

1. The famous bob cut:

This hairdo is in a variety of styles is being practiced by a big number of women in Europe and USA, the bob cut with straight and wavy hair.

2. Loose and messy up-do with light and nice accessories:

This hairstyle is so popular in these days, for weddings or prom is sure to be a hit.

3. Short pixie style:

The love of short cropped strands is the style suits every shade of hair giving an adorable younger look to its wearer.

4. Low Ponytail with parted hair:

This ponytail is also a big trend for this year, as it has for many years in the past.

5. Jasmine’s ponytail style:

This is a style Europeans and Americans love to have!

6. Long open bangs

These are never out of fashion.

7. Parted then twisted braids half tied hairdo:

It gives a bold, as well as Princess, look to women of all shades of hair.

9. Braided updos:

The perfect princess hairstyle, which goes classy and nice for English brides as well as for prom nights.

10. The beehive head:

It made voluminous by backcombing or wigs wrapped into real strands. This style is chic for parties and comfortable of working days.


The first thing I noticed in this article from Galstyle was they forgot to insert hairstyle number 8. A little bit of a blooper.. but that’s OK! Did you notice the second thing? All of these hairstyles have been done before. Hairstyles will come and go. What is trendy today will be gone tomorrow, but wait… they will return again and a gain with a different kick to them. You can read more about this in the book below. Just click the link, turn the pages and find out more information about the beauty profession.

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