Beauty News Top Hair Knots in Fashion Today

It’s time for a heat wave! Fashionable and sophisticated hair knots are all the rage.

Scraped-back top knot hairstyle:

We see Bella Hadid in this picture. A smooth makeup with a neatly made hairstyle can give you an easy summer glamor.

 Structured Knot:

Another surprising trend is making the structured knot. It is more suitable for the girls having little longer hair just like Jame King.

Slicked back-style:

Have a look how Coco Rocha worked a slicked back style.

90’s twist:

They brought 90’s twist to the top knot of Mollie King at British fashion awards. We can also see the two strands of hair falling loosely on her face to give a chic look. This throwback is quite lovely.

High top knot hairstyle:

Elle Fanning’s excellent structured top knot.

Bringing back old hairstyles and making them new again is part of a hairstylist secret.

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